Thursday, March 29, 2007

Shoot, Edit, Upload in a Day

This is the new workflow. Get used to it.

Ryun Hovind reports for on how he managed. Interesting.

My team's job at both festivals was to shoot panels, interviews, and red carpet events; edit the footage overnight; and deliver it in formats for on-air and online display. We shot four video formats, recorded with two direct-to-disk technologies, hosted video on five Web sites, and employed 12 Final Cut Pro systems. We scrambled like indie film producers-wrangling camera operators, PAs, onscreen talent, and editors in a matter of days. Our operation was built for a 12- to 24- hour turnaround. We were shorthanded, had high ambitions, and had to count on getting every piece of gear we used for free or in exchange for sponsorship support. This is our story.

DV - Features - Shoot, Cut, Upload: All in a Day's Work

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